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These days, service-based application development is gaining popularity amongst enterprises. All such organizations are looking for some effective techniques to reduce the wastage of time and valuable resources today. A specifically designed mobile application is one of the crucial keys to accomplishing that.

Are you not sure what we are talking about, or are you willing to know more about enterprise mobile application development to get started with it?

This guide will surely help you a lot.

What is Enterprise Mobile Application Development?

Enterprise mobile application development is developing a mobile application for an enterprise to streamline its business operations, workflow optimization, stakeholder engagement, and simplification…

startup app development guide

In this highly competitive market scenario, every business wants to reach out to more and more customers. Due to the increased mobile usage, mobile apps have shown a great opportunity to reach customers and increase sales.

More importantly, the budding entrepreneurs with marketing strategies for a promising startup want to accompany their startup with a mobile application. But developing a business app is not that easy and straightforward. One cannot simply jump in for a business app development. Start with app development strategy.

Why You Need a Brilliantly-developed Startup App Strategy?

Once you decide to have a mobile application for your startup, you have to look for answers…

For ages, humans have always felt the need to travel from one place to another, be it for the reason of working or for pleasure. Travel and tourism are an integral part of essential human nature. In today’s technology-based market and data-backed information services, the hospitality and travel industry has hugely benefited and have made it convenient for every traveler. The technological advancement in today’s era has provided everyone with powers to develop the business on their creativity.

As a result, the travel companies have transformed from a local travel agency to online travel portals to offer convenient and custom…

Web technologies have come a long way and brought amazing concepts into effect over time. For example, you may often come across numbers and reports proving Progressive Web Apps’ greater potential to engage your mobile users and improve your web business.

There is ongoing demand of trendy Progressive Web Apps technology for being cost-effective than your native apps these days. You should take this new technical standard more seriously. After all, PWAs make websites behave like advanced apps and be accessible to users both online and offline.

Let’s take a close look into Progressive Web Apps, their strength, weaknesses, and…

Cloud computing has been granted accreditation for growing competitiveness by improving flexibility, elasticity, and reducing cost. Companies use cloud-based computing as a means of increasing capacity, enhance functionality, or to introduce new services on demand all without having to devote to potentially costly infrastructure costs or train existing staff in the organization.

Salesforce Cloud Native

Moreover, cloud-based technology is quickly implemented by companies of all dimensions to transform their enterprise solutions, close the technology gap, and keep up with high consumer expectation.

Today, the concern for companies has moved from “should we adopt the cloud” to what is the best kind of cloud…

AWS and Google Cloud are two key rivals in the world of cloud computing and storage. While the first one is winning people’s hearts with its amazing flexibility and ample features, Google Cloud has managed to firm its feet in the industry with its superb backup services and cost-effectiveness. These two are performing such wonderfully at their respective fronts that it’s tough to pick one out of these two.

If you’re also at the crossroads wherein picking one is crucial, let’s help you decide. In this blog post of AWS VS Google Cloud 2021, we have covered few key differences…

React native vs Flutter

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, the criteria of the functional, as well as the powerful mobile application, has become mandatory for all the shapes and sizes of businesses. The choice of the right technology framework is vital for building a successful mobile application, be it iOS or Android.

The purpose of the blog post is to identify the right cross-platform app development framework comparing the significant factors like performance, user experience, ease of development, convenience, learning curve, as well as many other factors. So, this blogpost will reflect the comparison of React Native and Flutter in the detailed form.

React Native Vs. Flutter: Stepping Into The Comparison Battle


Salesforce customization

When it comes to practical CRM, nothing can contend with Salesforce. With whooping revenue of $5.38 billion in the 2021 fiscal year, this CRM management tool has established that it rules the market. One can streamline sales, marketing, finance, and other fronts of a given ecosystem with one single tool.

That being said, one can’t simply turn a blind eye towards the fact that each business has different needs, and Salesforce customization is the key to success. Using a customized Salesforce solution doubles the viability of this tool and allows a business to achieve its business goals faster.

This post…

When it comes to serving potential customers while balancing the sales of the business, Salesforce has unlocked countless opportunities for us to get involved. It has now become an essential tool to run the business smoothly and meet all the requirements quickly and easily. With Salesforce customization, you can automate workflow, add new features, and integrate with third-party systems and whatnot. However, you need to organize the customization process properly to get an optimum Salesforce system. And, it requires more efforts in Salesforce customization than you think.

But no worries! We are mentioning six easy steps that ensure effective Salesforce…

The practicality and viability of AWS in the world of cloud computing can’t be overlooked. At present, it’s the trailblazer of cloud computing and currently rules over the 31% market share. The AWS cloud computing services are nothing but quality-driven. They are future-driven and play a vital role in a business’s growth. But, first thing first, let’s why out why AWS cloud monitoring is essential.

AWS Cloud Monitoring — The Need of the Hour

Though AWS cloud services are best-in-class and are backed with the world’s best security protocols, they still need constant and regress monitoring. Building a cloud infrastructure for a business is a complicated task.

Some complexities…


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